I’m Édouard Brière-Allard.

[Edited to add the following excerpt from my essay, as people may click the link without have read it.]

I’m a man; I’m white; I’m Canadian; I live in Montreal; I’m a SFF fan, although certainly not a “hardcore” fan; I have never attended book conventions; I am not a book reviewer; I have never been published, nor do I have any aspiration to (I don’t even write!).

You are right to conclude that I’m “a nobody”.

Don’t send me anything in the comments or by email that you would not be comfortable to see published online.

[Updated (and edited). I want to clarify a few things, since people have told me they felt a bit intimidated by the above statement, which was not my intention. As mentioned at the end of my essay, I want to know about any instances where I have made errors of fact. However, since I criticised Mixon for not providing evidence for her allegations, I will correct any mistakes I may have made by publishing the counterevidence provided to me. If I find there is a compelling reason to withhold some information, such as the name of a source, I will gladly do so. If it’s impossible to use the information you provide me without compromising your anonymity as source, I’m afraid I probably won’t be able to use it (even if I’ll be happy to know what you have to say and to examine the evidence you provide).

That being said, I reserve the right to publish any insulting messages I may receive.]

Email: edouardbriereallard@gmail.com